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Welcome to the IANR News Photo Gallery

About this resource
The IANR News Service photo gallery offers easily downloadable photos for news media use.  The gallery has two main sections: photos for IANR News Service news releases and a limited gallery of stock images for reporters and editors to use if they need generic photos to illustrate news stories. In addition to general agriculture- and natural resources-related photos, the image gallery features a limited number of  campus and IANR-related buildings and photos of IANR administrators.

News photos are added when the stories they accompany are distributed to media. An editor's note on the story alerts media of the photo file name and provides a link to this database.

Appropriate uses
These photos are intended for use by news media and University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty and staff and may not be used for personal or commercial purposes.

The news media may use photos from this gallery to illustrate news articles, including use on in print or digital formats. Photos are copyrighted by the University of Nebraska and are available for noncommercial uses only. They cannot be used to endorse, criticize or promote commercial products. Use of the photographs cannot be altered or manipulated to inaccurately represent the scenes they portray. In general, manipulation that could be done in a traditional photographic darkroom is permitted provided the image remains truthful to the scene portrayed. For example, a photo can be cropped, enlarged or reduced, lightened, darkened and adjusted for contrast or color. However, adding, deleting or moving elements of the photograph or transposing parts of the photo into another image is not allowed. If you have questions about specific modifications, contact IANR News, at (402)472-3030.

Format, size and resolution
The photos in our library are approximately 1500 x 2200 (5x7)  at 300 dpi JPEG files, a resolution typically suitable for newspaper publishing needs. They can be reduced to 72 dpi for Web use. Media who need a higher resolution file or different format should note the picture's file ID number and contact Brett Hampton, IANR News and Publishing photographer, at (402)472-3030, bhampton1@unl.edu.

Downloading images
To download the full size image click on the "full size" image icon (1400x928) located just to the right of the cutline information.  After the full size image page loads, position your curser over the image and click the right mouse button.  Select "save image as" and choose where you want to save the file on your computer.

How to use this photo gallery
Select the photo gallery you need by clicking on either Photos for News Releases or IANR News Image Gallery. Each gallery opens into additional options. News photos from the past 30 days are in the current photo file. Archived photos are listed by year and month. For example, click the 2005 archive file to see the monthly files. Double-clicking the IANR News Image Gallery opens archives indexed by subject. Cutlines for photos that accompany IANR News Releases are shown above the photo they accompany. At the end of each cutline is a link to the news story.

Cutlines that appear above each image will not download with the photo. To obtain cutlines, simply copy them from the screen and paste them into your word processing document.

All photos are copyrighted by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. If you publish copyright, please credit © 2005 University of Nebraska Board of Regents. All rights reserved.

If you reproduce a photo, please credit the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources or NU/IANR.

This gallery is fully searchable by keyword or any word in a cutline or title. To search, type in a word related to a photo you're seeking. It's best to keep your search terms broad and short. For example, if you're seeking a photo of fall harvest, try harvest or corn.

If you have questions about photos, contact Brett Hampton at (402)472-5839 or bhampton1@unl.edu.

We welcome feedback about how this service works for you. Share your thoughts with IANR News.